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LifeEase offers solutions to

How do I…

  • …get the insurance I need for my business loan?
  • …recruit, retain and reward my key employees?
  • …keep my company in good hands?
  • …secure my family’s future?
  • …protect the investment in my business?
  • …safeguard my legacy?


Lenders and Loan Applicants

Lenders and the SBA often require a business owner to obtain a life insurance policy prior to the funding of the loan. With is proprietary electronic platform, LifeEase can help you get the coverage you need in as little as 15 minutes.

Breadwinners and Business Owners

Risk mitigation is an essential element of a successful business plan. LifeEase has the expertise to determine the right insurance and business solutions you need to protect your partners and employees, and assure the legacy of your business.

You and Your Family

With personal assets often committed to the business, families are particularly vulnerable if a small business owner meets an untimely death. LifeEase can help you take care of those you love.


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